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J-Chip USA Timing System


The J-ChipUSA Timing System is, by far, the most reliable, accurate and portable system on the market today.

Our multi-frequency, active chip, coupled with our state-of-the art mat and aerial style antennae produce read rates and accuracy that our competitors can only dream of. For this and other reasons, the J-ChipUSA Timing System used at the IAAF World Championships. 

J-ChipUSA Athlete Tracking

Track any athlete in real time from anywhere in the world.

With J-Chip USA's Athlete Tracking System, anyone with an web-enabled phone or web-connected computer can view real-time progress and results for any athlete in a J-Chip USA Live Timing event.

J-ChipUSA Dual Frequency Active Tag


Capture every participant, every time.

BrandX Registration and Event Administration Software


A full suite of event adminstration webware, from registration to results. Use your website to create a new income source for your company and provide new services to your clients, with less work then you're currently doing.

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