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Premium Timing Services


Participants have come to expect certain things from events. J-ChipUSA's cutting-edge timing system,custom-built software and professional staff will help bring your event into the 21st century.

Accurate, reliable results and effective results administration are the backbone of any succesful event. J-ChipUSA's superior timing system, coupled with our custom-built software and professional staff ensure that your participants will have a positive, interactive and impressive experience. The natural assumption is that our premium service comes at a premium price. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable and competitive our prices really are, and we include our premium services in all our bids, instead of quoting a basic price and adding additional cost to it. What is the value of a great timer? Consider the cost of a bad one.

Our premium services include:

  • Touch Screen Results Kiosks
  • Real-time, Computer-Based Announcer Que
  • Event Progress Displays for Live Timed Events
  • Scrolling Flat-Screen results
  • Active, Dual Frequency Tags
  • Instant, Searchable, Online Results
  • Professional, Friendly Staff 

E-mail today for your custom quote: sales@j-chipusa.com


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