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J-ChipUSA Dual Frequency Active Tag


Capture every participant, every time.

The J-ChipUSA dual frequency active tag is proof that big things really do come in small packages.

Measuring only 42 x 28mm and weighing only 7.2 grams, you can hardly feel it in your hand. Yet inside this little device is cutting edge technology. Operating in the VHF (very high frequency) band, the J-ChipUSA tag provides optimal performance in read time, read height and speed of data transmission.


J-ChipUSA's active tag technology means redundancy is built right into the chip, no need for extra equipment. Active technology also allows the chip to conserve it's battery. Coupled with a 3V rechargeable lithium battery, a tag will last 10 years under normal use tags and are completely water-proof.


J-ChipUSA's tag charging system allows you to recharge 119 tags at a time.


Capture every tag, every time with J-ChipUSA's Active Tag.


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