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J-Chip USA Timing System


The J-ChipUSA Timing System is, by far, the most reliable, accurate and portable system on the market today.

Our multi-frequency, active chip, coupled with our state-of-the art mat and aerial style antennae produce read rates and accuracy that our competitors can only dream of. For this and other reasons, the J-ChipUSA Timing System used at the IAAF World Championships. 

  • 99.99% accuracy using a multi-frequency, active chip

  • Rugged, portable and convenient antennae mats up to 36' long, and/or aerial antennae (optional)

  • 100% water, weather and dirt-proof chips and mats. Just as reliable when used in water, mud, snow, etc.

  • Compatible with any commercially available timing software, or use BrandX, our custom-built timing software solution.

  • Our dual-frequency, active tag technology, together with our user-friendly readers and mats make producing accurate and reliable results easy. Reads up to 2000 tags per second.

  • J-ChipUSA rechargable tags (red chips) feature rechargeable lithium batteries, and a life expectancy of 10 years.

  • New 2011 J-ChipUSA  tags (blue chips) feature long-life lithium batteries, and a life expectancy of 7 years, without charge.

  • Tired of lugging heavy and awkward equipment around? J-ChipUSA's timing system consists of one reader and one mat per location, that's it!

  • Works in all environments; perfect for triathlons, marathons, running and walking events, swims, cycling, mountain bike race, cross-country skiing, skating boat events, etc.


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