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BrandX Registration and Event Administration Software


A full suite of event adminstration webware, from registration to results. Use your website to create a new income source for your company and provide new services to your clients, with less work then you're currently doing.

BrandX Registration webware is designed for you - today's event timers and race directors. It gives you all the tools you need to produce and/or time an event from start to finish, and creates a new income source for your company in the process. Wondering How?

Until now, participants have registered for events through  third-party websites that have nothing to do with the event or the event management industry. Every time a participant signs up, that website makes a sizeable transaction fee for doing almost nothing. When registration closes, they email a spreadsheet which then requires hours of work to process into a useable format. Meanwhile, the third-party website uses your data they collected at your registration to market products to your participants, sometimes in direct competition with your event's sponsor.

BrandX Registration Software puts the control and income back in your hands, where is belongs. Participants register directly from your website and you claim the transaction fee. With a click of a button, your registration data is copied into your prefered timing software. You retain control of the participant's data, allowing you to market your events and products to them anytime, with no additional cost. Broadcast your emails directly from the your webware. Create timing bids, monitor event finances, perform day-of administration, produce results and more - all from your webware.

Provide more services, make more money and simplify your job with BrandX.

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